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Our Mission:
ElderCare Resources® USA is dedicated to empowering seniors and their caregivers to obtain the knowledge and resources necessary to provide quality care for an aging parent, spouse, relative or friend.

Our Websites:
ElderCare Resources® USA is the only national network of online destination sites reaching seniors and caregivers on a state and local level. Seniors, caregivers and important purchase influencers can find 100ʼs of informative articles, watch videos, download helpful guides, check events and daily Medicare alerts. They can also find local providers and learn from nationally recognized experts about aging and caregiving issues all on one “easy to navigate” website.

Nearly 80 Million Baby Boomers now have parents in need of elder care resources …and they are turning to the Internet to find them!

Our Audience:
71% of visitors are female. 76% are between the ages of 43-67. 68% also found ECR helpful for their own information and concerns. In the last five years the number of seniors using the Internet has risen by over 60%. Today over 45 million of the adult family caregivers care for someone over 50 years of age and 15+ million care for someone who has Alzheimer's disease or other dementia. According to Pew Research 4 in 10 U.S. adults are now caring for a sick or elderly family member as the population ages. And 6 in 10 family caregivers are currently employed. Nearly half (47%) of adults in their 40s and 50s have a parent age 65 or older and are either raising a young child or financially supporting a grown child (known as the Sandwich Generation). In 2009, the estimated economic value of unpaid caregiving in the U.S. alone was approximately $450 billion, more than both federal and state spending for medical and long-term care services in that same year. ElderCare Resources® USA salutes these unsung heroes.

Fact is 75% of seniors rely on their adult children to guide them with important decisions concerning healthcare, housing, legal issues and finances.

Our Business:
ElderCare Resources® USA delivers a highly valuable and targeted audience of consumers seeking information, products and services for an aging parent, loved one or themselves. Founded in 2011 we currently have sites in 30 major metros throughout North America with an additional 25 planned for 2014. The launch of our 50 US State Sites, what we call "The Power of 50", has opened up a significant new opportunity for state and national sponsorship giving local providers and national brands a unique competitive advantage and a powerful new marketing and media channel.

The elder care community is exploding and it is just getting started as the baby boom generation cares for their aging parents and will also require care themselves as they transition into their own senior years. Also, in the last five years the number of seniors using the Internet has risen by over 60%. By 2030, almost one out of every five Americans will be 65 or older and it is projected that the 75+ populations will increase 70% by 2025. This elder population explosion means that more and more adult children will be seeking resources to help care for their aging parents.

By advertising with our ElderCareResources® USA websites a local business or national brand can put their information in front of web-savvy family members, caregivers, seniors and important purchase influencers when they need it most.

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